Today in the city St. Augustine 25.06.2018
Wells and Even Springs Face Brackish Future

When Arnoldo Valle-Levinson asks St. Augustine residents what they think of saltwater intrusion, he's often met with eyes as glassy as the Atlantic on a calm morning.

2 police officers have reportedly been shot dead in a hostage situation in Belgium

A gunman shot at two police officers and took a woman hostage in Liège, eastern Belgium, on Tuesday morning. At least three people, including the two police officers, have reportedly died....

'You don't deserve American food': Florida man arrested after allegedly attacking two men he believed to be Muslim in a McDonald's parking lot

John Smith was arrested after he allegedly attacked two men he believed to be Muslim in a McDonald's parking lot.  "Get the f--- out of here, you don't deserve American food," Smith yelled, one o...

The Wall Street bankers who feast during recessions say there's a 'smell in the air' and it's starting to feel like 2007 (MC, HLI, GHL)

The global economy is growing and corporate defaults are low and projected to drop even further. Yet the Wall Street investment bankers who feast during recessions are optimistic about their business,...

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